18 ft MrCool Cool Blade HVLS Industrial Fan


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Looking for a jumbo-sized fan to keep your business cool? The 18 ft MrCool Cool Blade HVLS Industrial Fan might just be your perfect solution! For large spaces like convention halls, gyms, factories, warehouses, or airports, this fan is an efficient option that keeps your business cooled with ease. The aerodynamic design of this giant 18 foot fan reduces the temperature of large open areas by 10 degrees on average.

The 18 ft MrCool Cool Blade HVLS Industrial Fan uses patented Tubercle Blades that create a stronger air flow using whale power technology. This MrCool solution has a more powerful airflow than other industrial fan options, ensuring everyone stays cool.

The Tubercle Blades counter wingtip stall, which creates a quieter atmosphere, reducing the main source of potential noise and vibration. Not only does the fan keep you, your employees, and customers feeling fresh, it also ensures your space is peaceful and interruption free.

Worried about warm, humid air coming in from frequently opened doors? Well, these specialty fan blades greatly reduce the impact of that air providing an even temperature throughout large, open spaces. With improved air quality, reduced humidity, and fresh air, you can improve employee productivity and keep your customers happy.

The 18 ft MrCool Cool Blade HVLS Industrial Fan has many special safety features to guarantee a solid construction, secure installation, and safe operation. Among the safety components and features are:

  • Steel wire safety rope
  • Type 1 safety connector
  • Anti-falling expansion sleeve
  • I-Type blade safety clips
  • Maximum strength grade fasteners
  • Locking fasteners
  • Reinforced blades
  • Reinforced screws
  • Electrical overload protection

No matter the age of your heating and cooling system, you can improve air flow with this fan. These fans all meet the European Union's safety standards with a CE certification and are powered by a UL certified motor.

The 18 ft MrCool Cool Blade HVLS Industrial Fan is inexpensive to operate and its efficiency can even help lower your utility bills.

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